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This is blog/site is part of a parent e-Pub in the works, called “Culture by Design”, concerning the effect of media upon society through history. The Culture of Cinema is about how cinema has affected our society since before the 20th century. It is also about how we as a culture have influenced the nature of cinema, then how the nature of film has engineered culture over the last 100 years.

The Culture of Cinema is designed to ultimately be both a printed book, an e-book, and possibly an app. This basic blog, connected to the publication will be open to your comments and personal knowledge of film, as you are the culture that has become affected by it, making you the true authorities on the topic.

As the cultural history of cinema will not stop with the publication of the book, The “Culture of Cinema” blog will carry what is developing today into what will impact its history as soon as tomorrow, as the history of everything is an ongoing process. For this reason, reader, your knowledge and opinions are invaluable. Anyway, we’re PG here, so … keep it clean!

A separate, later blog/site will cover the cultural impact of television in the same manner, as will one on the culture of advertising.

Below are a few posts from my newsletter “The Media of Culture” , which I hope you’ll find as informative as I did.


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